Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Reading my poems in the American House in Munich

° This item was posted on my deleted blog on the 8th of March 2008:

The above Video was On the 6th of march 2008 in which (Munich Writers Group) organised an evening of Poetry and prose, and as i am a member of Munich Writers group, i had the chance to read my work.

Wow!!! I was so excited! the evening was in the American house in Munich, the audience was from different nationalities, and ofcourse my husband and I were the only arabs.

Alhamdulillah, when i finished reading the audience clapped , and i was very glad that after finishing my reading and during the break german and american people were keen to tell me that they liked my poems and that they were really touched by them specially the second poem ( My Advice ), they told me that they could understand my poem and this is something very important, i think maybe because i don´t use complicated words and expresions.
I am so glad also that i became a member in the Munich writers group and i had the chance to participate in this evening , many thanks to Munich Writers! They are all very nice people and good writers.


My Castle in Spain said...

Hi Mai! Very nice to meet you and thank you for your visit! much appreciated

Congrats for your reading at this lecture in Munich.
I used to go to Munich many years ago (had a boyfriend there)

yes, if you plan to come to Granada, temperature can be very high in summer but until now, we just have a mere 25ºC here.

Are you from Cairo? Always wanted to go there...

Have a great end of day!

Mai Daader said...

Lala Ema many thanks for your comment, it is me who appreciate your visit so much.

yes my dream is to visit Granada, i wish to visit Alhambra and many other places specially the big well known big Granada mosque which was opened on 2003.

by the way i wish to succeed in backing the almond and orange cake which you put on your blog. it seems so yummy...

expect me on your blog on a daily basis :)