Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Islamic Mosaic

I created This beautiful Mosaic picture by myself, please click on the picture to see it in a bigger size, you will find me also in three pictures, down you will find labels of each picture if you clicked on it you will see the original artist who captured the pictures on flickr.
I want to explain more about this Mosaic but i will do this as soon as possible.
So till then this post is:
To Be Continued .....
The Labels of Pictures:
17. Meral,
18. DSC06144,
33. quraan,
34. prayers,


Asma Aziz said...


Very beautiful!

Frances said...

When I came to your site and the picture came up and the music began wow!

May I post it at the group site?


Mai Daader said...

I´m glad you liked it Frances, ofcourse you can post it on the group site if you want, my pleasure dear :)))

Writer Reading said...

Magnificent Islamic art, refreshing to see among bloggers. I didn't read the Kite Runner but was very moved by the movie.