Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My deleted blog :(

I first started blogging on January 2006, Thanks to my friend sherine who informed me about Blogger as i knew about blogging but i didn´t know that i could find a free blogging site before sherine told me so thanks again to her.

Ever since i started my blog i never stopped blogging except when i faced this depressing thing called the "Writer´s block".

Anyway, my lovely blog was accidently deleted according to some fazlaka menny, i mean i was trying to change its look but it seemd that i screwed it up instead, but thank God i always used to save a coppy of it in a word file.

Last February was the last month i posted something on my deleted blog, every single thing i posted has got a special memory, this is why i decided to pick up some but not all of these posted items to repost it again in my new created blog which i chose the same name and link to it.

Hmmm... but which item shall i post first ? i think i will pick randomly.

Very soon inshaAllah.

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