Monday, June 9, 2008

Why do i write?

I posted this poem on 2 November 2006 on my previous deleted blog, ever since i wrote it i knew very well that it needed rewriting and polishing but even though i posted it as it is, still don´t know if i will polish it or not, anway this is me every single word i write is so dear to my heart even if it is not perfect.

Am i a writer or i am
someone who answers the life exam
I need to think and answer right
So first i'll say why do i write

I write to record every thought
that sails inside me like a boat
Looking for a shore to rest and hide
so i do help her when i write

I write because i want to know
if i am real or i don't exist
to know if i am like the light
that penetrates the darkest mist

I also write to quell my pain
and kick the hatred out of my soul
writing for me is like the rain
which touches my heart and cleans it all

I write sometimes when i discover
that all realities are under cover
I hold my pen and write a line
to let it glow and let it shine


Writer Reading said...

I like the intermittent use of rhyme, binding the poem subtly without the singsong of constant rhyming. I like the rain image. And I love you post about glass and friendship. I deleted my last blog, too, on purpose, for complicated reasons, but I, too, save a copy on Word first.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful poem. simply beautiful, what else can I say!!???
anyway, my name is Dina. And i went on Aisha's profile (she is a good friend of mine) and saw that comment you left on her wall, so i decided to check your blog, once again i loved the poem..very nice:)

Mai Daader said...

Oh ! Thanks Dina, i´m really flattered by your words, Really thanks for your visit i do appreciate it a lot, and as i said it seems that Aisha´s friends are so pretty inside and out.

hope to be friends too :)

Mai Daader said...

writer reader,

I would like to thank you for visiting my blog, your comment means a lot to me, and your words are very encouraging.

Thanks a again :)

aiman said...

Very beautiful!