Monday, October 26, 2009

Frankfurt book fair 2009 ( a dream came true )

At last my dream came true! finally i attended the Frankfurt book fair 2009 which was opened for the public on the 17th and 18th of October., and China was the guest of Honour for this year.

It was huuuuuuuuuge and amazing in the same time.
What was so wonderful that i met personaly the international publishers´s sales guys which i was dealing with when i used to work in Cairo as a sales coordinator in a publishing agency.
And i met my old colleagues in addition my Boss called me right after sending him an sms wishing to see him in the fair, he was so nice and he had the intention to meet me and my husband.

When i saw the partitions of all the publishers that i used to deal with i got crazy! my husband kept laughing about me!

Random House
Harper collins
Nelson Thornes
Cambridge University press
Penguin Group
Faber & Faber

I met authors who signed their books for me, each time i visited a publisher they gave me books for free! the most important book was a book for the writer who won the Literature Nobel Prize 2009 Herta Müller, she´s a german but from Romanian origion, so i was so excited cause i was born in Romania and i live in Germany now and i really wished to see her and have her signature but she attended the fair in the first couple of days before i travel to Frankfurt.

I left the fair with lots of books like:

Nadirs ( Herta Müller )
The Children of Dust ( Ali Eteraz )
Writing Down the Bones ( Natalie Goldberg)
Think Before it´s too late (Edward De Bono)
The Wilding(Maria McCann)
Parrot & Oliver in America (Peter Carey)
The Woman who shot Mussolini ( Frances Stonor Saunders)
The Golden Apple ( EdgarJ.Ridley)
Egypt after Mubarak ( Bruce K. Rutherford )

I also bought the first baby book for my baby and i got the other as a present from my friend in the publisher Scholastic, Thank you Michelle :)))))

ahhhh all this happened in Frankfurt!!!! but to say the truth i didn´t like Frankfurt the city at all, i found Munich much much much more beautiful, thank god that i live in Munich.
But the hotel was so nice and the people working there were even nicer, they all played with my baby specialy at breakfast time!

Well, still there are a lot to tell about the Frankfurt book fair but i´m sure that all those who attended the fair have more different stories which i would like to know.

i will download more pictures soon...

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