Saturday, November 14, 2009

My novel

Although i wrote nothing today in my novel but i feel that i am filled with poetry, totally inspired.

why didn't i write anything today, The idea of having a dead line to complete the 50,000 words by the end of november scares me, i had never been good in dead lines, sometimes it gives me the feeling of blocking, but to say the truth it helped me to start writing again and encouraged me to reach these number of words.

I enjoyed writing it so much, i fell in love with the characters, as if they are alive, flesh and blood.
They are everyday shaping and growing, their feelings, their sadness, their happiness, their self discovery, just like me, i feel that i discover myself with them while writing.

Those are the main characters of my novel, they are:

1- Mohra
2- Zahra
3- Ali
4- Yousef

the other characters:

5- Laila
6- Mahmoud
7- Ibrahim

The events of the novel are between Egypt and Germany.
I don't want to talk yet about the events, but it's a story of love, hope, fear, courage, truthfulness and faith.

From all my heart i wish to finish it till the end even after November.
And who knows, maybe it will be a published novel one day. ( amen )

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